My First Day of Kindergarten

AHH! I am a planner. I like plans. I have fairly shitty follow through, but I am a future thinker none the less. This is how I saw my daughter’s first day of kindergarten: We leave the house at 7:30am, family in tow. Ella actually lets me brush her hair and clip it daintily to the side. She gets to wear the perfect pink outfit with matching, or in her case, quasi-matching leggings. We deposit her safely in class and give our baby sweet kisses goodbye. I take the perfect picture of her sitting at her new desk and we leave without any tears. I will wait by the door like a stalker, checking to make sure she is adjusting to her new surroundings. I may tear up a bit- after all, it is my first born’s first day of school! Jeff and I will take a picture together cheersing to our accomplishment- we made it through her first 5 years! THEN comes the best part…I meet up with some moms who also dropped off their babies and we all celebrate with a champagne brunch! Hooray! School is in session!

But, we moved.

I don’t have a gaggle of awesome ladies whose babies are all starting Kindergarten. Sure, I have some friends, most work or aren’t SAHM or have little babies that would make my champagne brunch impossible. Yes, I have a two year old, but somehow he never makes it into this dream plan…maybe I got him a babysitter.

My new reality looks more like this: We walk to school, Ella in her uniform (which thankfully still gets to include the leggings) and Ben tags along as we walk her through the front door and down the hallowed halls of her new elementary school. Then, we will still give sweet kisses and I will still hover near the door to make sure she acclimates well and then we go home. Jeff goes to work. No fanfare, no champagne, no gaggle of ladies, no big celebration.


I hate when plans fall through and I really hate when I lose my opportunity for a festive celebratory brunch! I shall befriend someone in the next 12 hours and make them my new best friend while simultaneously scouring YELP for brunch reservations on a Monday. I am very determined when I want to be and right now I want to be. I can’t get the sound of clinking glasses and laughter out of my head. That was the plan! (insert whining and a couple obnoxious foot stomps) I wanted it to become a yearly tradition. Damn it all.

I realize I just made my daughter’s first day of kindergarten all about me. I feel slightly bad about it, but in my defense, this is a day I have been thinking about for the last 5 years. I always looked forward to this singular day on the calendar. I assumed kindergarten would afford me a bit more independence. I assumed that this would be the point I could start figuring out my career path so that by the time Fall 2017 rolls around (yes, I am counting down Ben’s school career too) I would have an idea of what “Meagan with two kids in full time school” would look like.

Oh well. Does anyone like brunch? I am in the market for a companion…



First day of preschool last year. Cheers!



2 thoughts on “My First Day of Kindergarten

  1. My little one is also starting school- PreK 4 (and I have a 2 year old at home too) and I’d love to join you for brunch, but alas, I too am not a SAHM. I will be teaching my own class literally next door to my son’s first public school experience. I swore when he was born that he would not go to the school I work at. The best laid plans. . .

    I’m friends with Caroline M and have been reading your blog for some time. We will still have to do champagne brunch. Just on a weekend…


    • Happy back to school for your family! Thank you so much for relating to my blog, I love hearing people’s stories. I am an equal opportunist, I will drink bubbles on the weekend, too. 🙂


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