Birthdays Need Beer…or a margarita machine.

My littlest love nugget turns three in November and already my birthday-centric daughter is pressuring him into a theme, colors and decoration. If she were more computer savvy, I would set her up with a Pinterest account. No doubt that girl would have three boards: Birthday, Barbies and Hairbands and at least 1000 pins each. But, as his birthday looms in the not too distant future, it’s time to start planning his 3rd birthday Ben-nanza! In the past, we have had a margarita machine and while I feel most of the adults had a pretty awesome time, there were a couple judgey looks for having alcohol at a kids party. So, listen here squares…


Terribly, painfully, excruciatingly boring. I don’t care how “fun” you think that you are making your party…they are boring for adults. No amount of cutsie name plates, themed trinket goodie bags, or artfully crafted cupcakes make it worth being surrounded by 14 kids hopped up on candy and cheeseballs. The kids don’t really care (until they are older) and honestly, no one loves to ooohhh and ahhhhh over plastic kids toys that light up and make noise and are supposed to enhance a child’s learning ability. There are unruly children running to and fro, sippies are being spilled, cake icing is staining the faces of little kids on a sugar-high, snacks are being ground into the carpet…it is mass chaos.

(Side note: My rule on gift giving-  Nothing that lights up, makes noise or requires batteries. I am a good friend.)

Maybe I don’t like children enough, maybe I enjoy a party with some cocktails a bit too much, but (as Oprah says) this I know for sure: If I am going to force my friends and family to come over and celebrate a 3 year old’s birthday, I had better make it worth their while. Good music, good food, good drinks. (You’re welcome)

I guess I equate it to a wedding. You ask people to come to a party and bring presents and in return, you host a super amazing party with dancing, food and (hopefully) an open bar. It’s like saying, “thank you for your participation in an event celebrating my milestone”! Its called give and take. Sharing is caring, y’all.

I just want to make sure that people have a good time. I don’t want them leaving, saying, “wow, what a waste of my precious weekend time”. This is where the margaritas come into play, everyone likes margaritas! The cold, frosty beverage conjures images of white sand beaches, chips and salsa, vacations, Cinco de Mayo, salt and lime…good times with great friends. This is the same feeling that I want our birthday party guests to leave with- good times!

Since moving over the summer, we don’t have as many friends to invite, so, I suppose I can tone down this year’s festivities…Maybe just a keg or two and a beer pong table. Kidding. Sort of. I do have a huge covered patio in the back that would be perfect for a ping pong table.

(Another Sidenote: I also feel this way about baby showers, bridal showers, beauty products, jewelry shows, personalized bags and Pampered Chef parties.)


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6 thoughts on “Birthdays Need Beer…or a margarita machine.

  1. I can honestly say that I 100% agree with you! We always have liquor at every party we have. We don’t make a huge spectacle of it and it allows the adults to have fun. As long as people act like they have children and don’t get hammered I do not see anything wrong with it! Kuddos to you for being able to admit it and screw those judgy people! You go mama!


  2. Totally, totally agree! Fortunately I don’t go to a lot of children’s parties, but I have been to some snoozers! It is everyone’s weekend, so making it fun for the adults too is a nice touch!

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  3. Lorna and I do the same thing….sort of. No matter what we throw for the kids, someone is tasked with bringing a large Bottle of Moscato for the ladies and usually a small bottle of vodka for the guys. I think it gets worse as the kids get older. My daughter is turning 12 on the sixth…a bunch of prepubescent girls running around my house…maybe we should do a large Bottle of vodka this year…


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