Sleeping Naked

Warning: Sleeping Naked. Enter at your own risk.


Growing up my parents slept naked. Like bare-assed naked. Every. Single. Night. I think this was quite smart on their part. I never wanted to go into their room after bedtime for fear of seeing body parts that I had only seen in my copy of Where Do Babies Come From?. (You remember the 70’s cartoon book, where the couple actually looks like normal people and not like the Barbie doll characters that would be in the 2014 version.) I am not sure exactly how the nickname came about but a friend growing up would call my parents Adam and Eve. Classy. (Although, my parents are the hippie-type, so maybe that has something to do with it, too)

Fast forward 20 years later…I sleep in damn near a sweat suit. Pajama pants, tank AND a sweater. Not to mention the sheet, a down comforter and the duvet cover. I get cold! I hate being cold. So, I go to bed dressed like an eskimo ready to settle in for a long winter. My husband constantly makes fun of the close relationship I have with my pajama pants. I admit- I do love them. I don’t wear them to run errands or even when I drop the kiddo off at preschool, but the minute I am home, I just want to fall into the sweet, sweet embrace of my blue Old Navy jammie pants.

So, here we are in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned house, typically set at 74, getting into bed, me in my sweat suit and my husband  in his boxers and a just a sheet.  Sounds super sexy, doesn’t it? No? Well, join the club. I believe that he is starting a “My Wife Wears Ugly Pajamas To Bed” support group. They meet on Tuesday evenings in the gym, refreshments will be served.

Last week I made a fairly radicle decree: HENCEFORTH WE BOTH MUST SLEEP NAKED. Effective immediately.  That night I dug through the closet looking for a lightweight robe to lie at the end of the bed. I will be damned if my house burns down and I have to grab my kids and run outside naked! No. No. No. I will be prepared in the event that the friends on the block may have to see the glory that is their neighbors in the nude. No. No. No.

I lasted one night. I was cold. I felt exposed. I felt kind of naughty, but not in that sexy confident way that I was hoping it would make me feel. But, I am nothing if not persistent. So day two, I try again. After a couple days, I will say that it gets easier and I have found myself sleeping throughout the night without nightmares of waking up to a fireman rescuing me from my burning house. (Although, now that I think about it, that may less of a nightmare and more of some fantasy dream sequence…)

I have done some research and found that 44% of American adults sleep in the nude! Really? Damn, there are a lot of you out there.  The research seems to have pretty clear findings that sleeping au natural has quite a few benefits:

  1. You air out your private bits, giving less chance for infection.
  2. You sleep better because your body can maintain a cooler temperature.
  3. Being too warm at night disrupts the release of melatonin and growth hormone-your main anti-aging hormones-into your body. As your body temperature drops, growth hormone is released and works its regenerative magic. Who knew!?
  4. Sleeping in the buff helps you sleep more soundly, which will allow your levels of the stress hormone cortisol to decrease as you rest, keeping your energy and hunger levels in check, thus even helping reduce belly fat!
  5. Sleeping in your birthday suit is great for your relationship because lying skin to skin will increase feel-good chemicals like the cuddle hormone oxytocin, encouraging sexier relationships between the sheets.

Wow! Alright, I guess I am in. Who can say no to those findings? I am going to be one healthy, infection-free, hormonally balanced, confident sex machine. Watch out sweet hubby- be careful what you wish for!

Just curious, how many of you are now going to sleep naked tonight? Sweet dreams! (winky face)


naked fire rescue

My worst nightmare.

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26 thoughts on “Sleeping Naked

  1. Does half nude count? Lol, I used to sleep completely naked due to the fact that I get ridiculously hot at night and wearing clothes in bed feels like I’m wearing a straight jacket. But now, I have roommates and shit so I cover up the goods…but not much else. 😀


    • “What could possibly go wrong?”
      After doing it for thirty years not a lot. We were once asked “what would you do if the house caught fire?” A fairly odd question realy, but the answer is as it is for most. GET OUT! What else would you do. Let’s face it if the house is on fire being seen in the nude by neighbours is going to be the least of your issues.
      As to the kids spotting you nude? Well I guess they’ll get to see what a real adult body looks like.

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  2. The hubs & I used to sleep in the buff, then we had kids. Something about always leaving a curtain or blind open somewhere & getting up all hours of the night for one thing or another kinda did it in for me. Plus, I freeze too!


  3. Such an interesting post. I think I would feel a little awkward sleeping naked and I don’t think that my hubby would ever even dare to sleep naked at all because he is the total opposite of your hubby (wears sweater zipped all the way to his neck, pants and thick socks) haha! But then again, challenge is good. MUST TRY asap!


  4. I sleep naked every night and have for years. I’m pregnant now and anticipating having to change my ways when the baby gets here. I’m just uncomfortable in pajamas… I feel constricted

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  5. My husband and I sleep nude and have for the eleven years we have been together. We keep our A/C on 78-80 and it feels great. Taking it one step further we often don’t get dressed while home which has resulted in the occasional sighting by neighbors or friends but some simple nudity is no big deal. But I do have a question, how are you people that bundle up all the time ever able to be intimate ??


  6. Unless ill (which is quite rare) or or it is terribly cold outside, I sleep nude and am nude in the house and backyard (which is quite private). Can’t imagine any other way. 🙂

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  7. Unless ill (which rarely happens) or it is terribly cold outside, I always sleep naked and feel much better for it. Unless visitors are expected, I stay naked in the house and the backyard. Nothing like it!! 🙂

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  8. I’ve been sleeping naked since about age 10, so >50 years. Can’t envisage any other way! Yhe PJs don’t get all wound around the body, and the seams no longer cut into tender places. 🙂

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  9. My wife and I sleep and live our daily lives nude. it’s much healthier for the body and the mind. We’re Naturists (Nudists). No, there is nothing sexual with being naked. We’re just comfortable in our skin and comfortable with others around us to be their self in their natural state. Living as Naturists we learn body acceptance for ourselves and for others. You learn that everybody’s body is different and we all do have flaws and accept them. Naturists don’t judge and we’re often less stressed. Think of all the laundry you do now filled with sweaty bacteria that you keep against your skin all the time and all the laundry you have to do. only laundry we have in the summer is towels, wash rags, facecloths, etc. Naturists are also VERY clean people. we clean and shower more often to make sure we’re cleaner down there than the average person. We love the lifestyle and will raise our kids like this as well and tech them when it is appropriate to be nude and when its time to be clothed. Yes, Naturists to get clothed. we’re not stupid. when know when its appropriate to be be clothed and when not.


  10. You should try going the whole way and live nude whenever you can. Why is it we are conditioned to put clothes on ? The feeling you had in bed of naughtiness I actually had when I was about 12 and the more you see nudity as normal the less worried you’ll feel. Sex is sexual,nudity is normal after all we weren’t born like it. In my blog at I write about such things as our life,which is as normal as everyone else’s. Have a bath with the door open,walk around the house naked and before to long it will seem as normal as everything else and you won’t think twice about it 🙂


  11. My wife and I randomly sleep in the nude. For the majority of our relationship it’s been boxers for me and panties and a tank top for her. Though now that we have moved to a very warm climate in the south west the frequency of nude sleeping has increased. All admit that initially it was difficult getting use to it, because in the past that had only meant sexy time. Though now I do find I fall into a deeper sleep waking up so refreshed. It’s also nice now that it’s winter time because we have flannel sheets a down comforter and fall asleep skin to skin!


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