Social Pariah

I was listening to NPR yesterday after dropping the tiny tot off at school and they were discussing on-line privacy issues. More specifically, the crazy-insane amount of information that Facebook gathers from its bagillion users. Of course, the program also talked about employers searching the social media pages of potential employees as a standard part of the hiring process. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would have to clean up my internet presence if I was to interview for a real job sometime in the distant future. I don’t know what kind of “real” job that would be- but am I already screwing myself out of a potential job just by writing my blog?

I am honest, maybe to a fault, and I put out a lot of my musings out there for public consumption. I find it a fabulous outlet to maintain my voice in a sometimes mundane daily life that rarely requires higher level thinking. Fortunately, Dora walks me right through her adventures, with the help of Map. So, lets say that I wanted to be a teacher- I assume my blog antics might cost me the job educating children. I curse, I drink and I am very pro-choice. I voted for Obama, I like reading smutty books and I have tattoos.

Speaking of tattoos…I have three tattoos, none that are visible. I haven’t gotten a tattoo since 2001, and I think that means it’s about damn time for another one. My husband HATES tattoos. He HATES that I want to get another one. But- like the good wife I am, I have delayed my desire for more decorative body art…until now. I have been searching for the perfect tattoo- thank you Pinterest. But, now I am wondering if I am further alienating my chances to enter the work force later?

Do I care? Do I really want a job that wouldn’t hire me based on my adorable visible tattoo? Do I really want to work for a company that won’t hire me because I like to blog about politics? Do I really want to work for a company that thinks my use of Fuck is too flagrant? Eh, I sure hope not. Honestly, I have no true intention to gain full-time employment out in the “real world”. I don’t even know what I would do if I were to find a Mon-Fri gig with benefits and a salary. Currently my benefits are staying in my pajamas all day and my salary is hugs and kisses. But, despite my blogging, my cursing and my penchant for tattoos, my tiny employers still love me anyways. At this point, I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way. Right now, I need to follow my heart- and my heart is firmly entrenched with my family and my beautifully tedious kiddos.


17 thoughts on “Social Pariah

  1. I think we should be friends! I can relate to just about everything you’ve written, except, I have so many tattoos I can’t tell you how many I have anymore! 🙂


  2. Haha yes! Love this! I’m constantly wondering if my social media presence is too much and if I’m sharing just a little bit too much information… but then I’m like Nah screw it! And I keep posting away. If it’s any consolation I have done the hiring before and I never googled a single applicant. Far too lazy.


  3. It is important to do what makes you happy. Doing what makes others happy in the end makes you miserable all of the time. Trust me I know I have limited how I live, what I do, I meet others expectations and at the end of the day I am full of regrets.


  4. Yes there are so many misconceptions not just on tattoos.. I have tatts as well and had issues with my age being the youngest applying for jobs in areas where it was mainly mid-late age. Crazy how the world can be nice post


  5. Pinterest truly is the land of endless possibilities! I have a whole board dedicated to tattoos that I like and maybe would want. Based on my pinterest board I am full of tattoos. (I only have one – So far)

    I hope it is ok if I laughed a little at your post. your writing style is refreshing! Peace.


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