January 4th: No kids??

The fourth installment of January guest blogs: “Your scary, crazy, amazing goal you would accomplish in 2015 if you could do absolutely ANTHING!” If you would like to participate find me on Facebook– I would love to share your story!


January 4th: Janet: No kids??

Happy 2015!

If I could do absolutely anything for myself in 2015, it would be to live the life I want without explanation. Let me explain (failed already…lol). Kids, kids kids. I LOVE kids. When I was a kid, I taught dance to younger kids! I have worked with kids in some capacity my most of my life and I love it. What I don’t love is people asking me continually about having my own kids.

Kids? No? Why? Stop Talking.

I have been with my love for 9 years this year and we’ll celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in the latter half of this year. The constant explaining to everyone (literally everyone, even perfect strangers) about OUR life and OUR decisions is wearing me out. I’m done with the explaining. I’m done with people looking at me strange when I say, “Nope, no kids” and saying “I don’t know, maybe not,” when they ask if I want any. Then comes the, “Well, why not?! You’d be great parents.” Guess what, we probably would be great parents, but we are amazing at being an Aunt and Uncle. We are great at being the only childless haven for our friends that just need 10 mins away from the screaming baby. I’m great at listening to the issues that my students have due to the parents they have not really wanting to have that job as a parent anymore. I’m great at supporting my exhausted girlfriends that question their sanity after a rough day with their kids. Those are the things that I love to do and damn sure couldn’t give 100% to if I had a little nugget of my own running around.

I don’t understand why it’s anyone else’s business. It’s to the point that I’m about to lie and tell people we can’t conceive to make them feel like assholes for questioning the decisions that we make in our relationship.

So in 2015, I encourage those around me to STOP ASKING. It’s none of your damn business and I don’t owe anyone anything. If we pull the trigger and decide to give parenthood a try, I have no intention of explaining why we changed out minds either.

Sorry this sounds so pissy. I’m generally the happiest girl you’ll meet!

Cheers to 2015 and living life on our terms.


Thank you,

Janet Jordan


One thought on “January 4th: No kids??

  1. Ditto. No explanation needed. Janet my husband and I have been married for 10 years…that question is ALWAYS lurking around the corner in any given social setting. I’ve started saying ” That’s a personal question.” If I wanted to discuss it, I probably would have brought it up!


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