January 12: MORE.

The eleventh installment of January guest blogs: “Your scary, crazy, amazing goal you would accomplish in 2015 if you could do absolutely ANTHING!” If you would like to participate find me on Facebook- would love to share your story!

January 12th: Monique: More

We have this family phrase; “Healthy, Smart, & Strong!” It started when I was pregnant with Ryder, our crazy – ALL BOY – 5 year old. It was a prayer, slogan, and maybe a way to just wrap up all our desires, worries, and blessings for this new person growing and coming into our life and all the expected-unexpected life happenings to follow. I love this because it’s all encompassing of how I pray daily for my family and for myself.


I want to be healthy. Physically & mentally. I know everyone says this in the New Year and how we’re going to get in shape and be better people than we were last year, ditto, ditto, & ditto… but I really want to do it this year! I find myself at 35 years old, losing some mental ground at times, stressing about the kids, asking myself am I being a good mom, wanting to be a great wife, do my friends know how much I love them, and the responsibilities of a part time job, even at a place I love working at- when do I stop stressin’? A friend of mine told me about her latest visit to the “girly” doctor and how she was told, “now that you are almost 40, your period and hormones will start changing, you could go through menopause early, just feel free to come back anytime, and ask me anything J” WOW! Ok, thanks doc. I feel like someone hit the fast forward button! When did I turn into this person? How did I grow up so fast? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve embraced every moment and the gains from the pains. I wouldn’t change a thing because I am who I am from those grooming moments. I just need better time management now, at the same time just get up and go, to make it happen! We got gym memberships for Christmas and that is how I can make a change. My scary, crazy, amazing goal is get Healthy- GO TO THE GYM! (This should help me mentally too right?)


I want to be Smart. I need to read more, journal more consistently, and maybe take a language course to learn Chinese! (I grew up speaking Vietnamese, but I’m illiterate) I feel doing a spin class and body works plus abs class- not in the same day, is only half of me. My mind needs release and challenge and a work out too. I always talk about participating in Boozy Bookworms, or accepting a freebie book with every intention of reading it!! So I guess it may start with being smart with my time and learning how to just do it! I need to be creative with my time since I have two rowdy boys that also need my attention all day, every day. A big goal this year is reading. So I need to carry my book or kindle with me and read a page or two, here & there. Instead of Facebook, Instagram, or mindless google search, just READ a book. (I guess technically I am reading when I’m on social media… how else do I support Memoirs of a Modern Mom?!!) You know what I mean though?

Book: Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

I want to be Strong! To have peace and balance and not let the influences of others or my surroundings take away my JOY. I have a strong foundation in my relationship with God and my family, but it doesn’t make me invincible to my own mind monsters. I often think I am strong and feel that I can’t be bothered, but as a therapist once told me, “you act all tough and in control, but you’re still a little girl inside that wants to be taken care of and held tight.” I guess to be less emotionally impulsive and to be emerged in my identity. So many times my mind has answered questions before I ask or I may let my husband’s mood or kids’ attitudes dictate how I feel and whether or not I am screaming back at them or choosing to be better and stronger. As Dr. Seuss so eloquently says it, “I AM I!”

So my goal since I can do anything is to be MORE! I guess it could be my word for the year as well. More healthy practices, more smart choices, and being stronger than last year! Not in a greedy way do I want more. I want to love more and give more. Take in the most I can of this wild ride call life and make myself more present, experience more JOY, and play MORE!! As the kids get older so do we. I want to know that I have no regrets and gave everyday my best. If you know me, then you know I am an optimistic person and do love fiercely those dear to me. I am high on life and at the same time I am human and have moments of insecurity. However, to allow MORE to enter my life in all that I do, I know it will make 2015 the best year yet!!


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