January 13th: She’s got legs…

The twelfth installment of January guest blogs: “Your scary, crazy, amazing goal you would accomplish in 2015 if you could do absolutely ANTHING!” If you would like to participate find me on Facebook- I would love to share your story!

January 13th: Erin: She’s Got Legs

Every year I plan goals for myself, and every year I just can’t seem to make them happen. Am I an inherent failure? Am I setting my sights too high? What is wrong with me that I just can’t seem to set my mind on something and then actually succeed in making it happen? My friends take up skydiving. They learn languages. They join gyms. Every year I make the same great plans, but when the year ends, I’m still afraid of heights. Spanish still confuses me. I’m 5 pounds heavier.

If I could actually accomplish one scary, crazy, amazing goal in 2015 it sure would be hard to know what to aim for. There’s traveling to exotic locations, eating healthier, and paying down my college debt. They all sound so fabulous. But if I could only pick ONE thing, I think I would choose to shave my legs on a regular basis. Yes. My most scary, crazy, amazing goal in 2015 is to shave my legs.

Not counting my Amish friends, shaving ones legs probably doesn’t seem amazing to most people. I think back to 5th or 6th grade when I started shaving. I had been begging my mom for months to allow me to shave, but she kept insisting I was too young. My older sister shaved, and in my mind shaving meant you were a cool mature lady. When my best friend’s mom said she could start shaving, my own mom finally gave in. My friend and I sat on the side of the bathtub in our one piece swimsuits shaving our legs and thinking about how awesome we were. The world was our oyster. We figured soon we would be wearing bras and finding boyfriends. To us, shaving was amazing, and crazy, and a little bit scary too.

Somewhere along the way shaving turned into a part of my beauty routine. I didn’t want to go to the pool without a recent shave, or wear shorts, or sit too close to anyone in the car for fear of poking them with my prickles. I wasn’t big on make up. But when my legs were shaved I felt ready to take on the world.

When I had children, shaving was the first thing to go. Anyone who cares for a small person knows how difficult it is to find time to shower, so finding an extra 5 minutes to shave ones legs usually gets lost in the equation. Occasionally I would sneak in a shave, but with hair that long, and that quick rush, a razor didn’t do much damage. For awhile I didn’t mind it. “Oh well. I’m too busy,” I would think as I put on pants in 99 degree weather.

Recently I began feeling a strong sense of pouring myself into others, and not spending any time on myself. There’s work, and the baby, and my big kids, and my husband. All of whom want and need attention. And I want to give them that attention. But I realized I need to give myself attention to. There’s no point in me saying my amazing wish is to go to the gym everyday, because in the 3 hours between work and bed, that isn’t going to happen. But what could happen, is that I could shave my legs again. I could spend 5 extra minutes on myself a couple times a week doing something that makes me feel happy, and pretty, and well put together. 2015 is about taking myself back and making time for ME, I’ll be doing that by shaving my legs.

Erin Bohn is a hilarious wife and mom of three. She writes about life, adoption and stories from the front line of parenting in the Big Apple. You can follow her on Facebook or check her out at No Bohns About It. com


One thought on “January 13th: She’s got legs…

  1. Dear Erin, although my days with small children at home are long behind me, (I am a great grandmother) I can totally relate to your post. I remember the rush of shaving my legs, and how Sexy it made me feel. (not a feeling that ever came easily to me!) Take those five extra minutes to feel good about yourself, it will make you a better wife and mother as well! On the down side, although I never believed it when I had little ones, they grow up all too fast, and you will find yourself with varicose veins, aches and pains and your legs no longer look sexy even when they get shaved! ❤


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