Divorce 2.2: I Am Ready.

I am ready for the uncoupling.

I am ready to get a full time job.

I am ready to get both kids in full time care.

I am ready to get my own place.

I am ready for a house without the stress of the past weighing it down.

I am ready for an adventure.

I am ready to see what I can do.

I am ready to begin a new chapter.

I am ready to have a schedule.

I am ready for the kids to have Daddy days.

I am ready to stop getting my feelings hurt.

I am ready to stop caring.

I am ready to know true love.

I am ready to tell the kids.

I am ready to plan for a life of single parenting.

I am ready to discover what I can do when I have to do it.

I am ready to stop the anxiety.

I am ready to walk into the courthouse and pay $285 to file the papers.

I am ready to cry alone in my room mourning the future I had planned.

I am ready to have lonely nights where I can wonder what the hell I have done to deserve this.

I am ready to go back to my maiden name.

I am ready to know how our new family will feel when we are split between two houses.

I am ready to be scared.

I am ready to figure stuff out on my own.

I am ready to learn how to hook up electronics and hang shelves.

I am ready to get out from under the weight of the waiting game.

I am ready to gather new furniture so that both houses can feel like home.

I am ready to pour my heart into writing.

I am ready to find me….without the we.


Truthfully, I think we both are- he just doesn’t have a blog to write about it.



9 thoughts on “Divorce 2.2: I Am Ready.

  1. The journey is a rough one but everyday gets better. Follow your heart and you will see that things will fall into place. I know what it’s like and if you ever need to vent or talk or cry you can message me ….we are strangers but ones on the same journey.

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  2. My heart aches for you, but I am so proud of how well you appear to be coping and thriving. It is a hard road, your kids are small, but I hope you will continue to allow all of us who follow you to witness your progress down this road that leads to your new future. Love you.


  3. You CAN DO IT. It will be hard at times, but it will be rewarding in the end. You have plenty of family and friends behind you in your new adventure/life. 🙂


  4. Sometimes the things we dread going through the most, turn out to be so much easier than we thought. And sometimes we are proud of what we did and how we handled it later, when we can look back with clear vision. You my dear, will probably do both, because that’s just the kind of woman you are!


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