Well, my friends, it has been a crazy month. My husband, Jeff, casually texts me a couple weeks ago:

Jeff: Wanna move to Houston?

Me: Uh, what?

Me: (what seems like hours later) HELLO??!

Me: Are you serious? Is this something I actually need to consider?

Jeff: Maybe. Just wanted to know your thoughts.

Me: Is this an actual offer? Call me.

Woah. Moving? I love Denton. I love my friends. I love my preschool. I love my neighbors. I love my job.


I love the idea of being near my family. I love the idea of being near my old high school friends. I love the idea of selling our home for a bit of a profit and paying off some debt. I love the idea of being closer to my family in Austin. I love the idea of starting a new adventure, and I really love the amazing career opportunity Jeff has with his company.

Where to go? Me and Zillow, along with HAR and a realtor friend, have recently become besties. My parents want us to move into Houston- not the suburbs. They are in Houston now and want the grandkids to be as close as possible. You know, right in the action, the street festivals, the museums, the weird opportunities that present themselves in the city. The city is expensive.

Our baby girl starts kindergarten this fall and along with that new beginning follow all the big questions: What school should she attend? What neighborhoods are a good fit for our family? What area is close enough to Jeff’s job not to require a hellish commute? Where do I want  to put down roots and join in the community life? Is there a cooperative school for my littlest?

My head is swimming.

It is all so exciting and so daunting. I have called North Texas my home for 14 years. We went to college here, got married here, built a house here and our beautiful babies were born here. This is home. This is our home. But, the idea of moving to Houston sounds so right…like going home again.

Last weekend we took a trip down to Houston for the Crawfish Festival, met up with my Dad, some friends and sat out on the lawn listening to Bob Schneider. It was pretty great. We ate some fabulous Mexican food, hung out at an urban garden, went to a Cinco de Mayo block party, drank wine in a funky bohemian garden and let the kids run wild at the children’s museum. My mom graciously put us up for the weekend and watched the grandkids while Jeff and I took some time to explore. It was awesome. I felt very welcomed by my new city.

Jeff officially accepted the position and we are putting the house on the market in the next couple weeks. Crazy.

Good bye Denton, its been fun. Houston, welcome back old friend.Texas Crawfish Festival, Spring Texas